Morrison’s fieldwork on the Salt Creek Valley covered all aspects of its residents’ lives. Her focus was not just their feelings related to being forced off their lands, or their memories of rural life, but also on their religious practices, their architecture, their folk art and foodways. These elements all converge into an image of a rich community of independent people joined together through shared beliefs and family lines. The construction of Lake Monroe not only took away these people’s land, but also destroyed a century of community building that was already threatened by encroaching social and technological changes.

After the flooding, the “Lake People,” as they became known locally, spread out around the county. Their stories live on, however, through their photos and oral histories.


COMMUNITY                         RESIDENTS
Salt Creek Valley Churches                        Harry & Lorene Fowler
Deckard Cemetery                                      Royd Houshoure
Alvie Butcher Log House                            Ellen Taylor Stines
Knightridge Road                                        Ralph Corman
Cleve Butcher Road