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The Deckard Cemetery provides an example of a regional folk craft – stone carving. Craftsmen commonly made a tombstones for loved ones, be it a neighbor or family member. Deckard Cemetery currently overlooks Lake Monroe. The oldest section of the cemetery holds many hand-made tombstones, including a number of striking limestone tree-stump tombstones. These stones, dating from around 1890-1920, resemble a living tree down to the finest details.

Like much art of the early 20th century, these tombstones are packed with symbolism. A broken off stump represents the end of life, and the number of branches sprouting from the stump can represent the number of children of the deceased. Beyond that, craftsmen might have included personal items related to the deceased, like a tool or a favorite possession. Flowers were also a popular theme. For example, a lily typically symbolizes virtue.